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Architectural And Residential Window Film Installers in Denver, CO!

Looking for protection for your window-related issues? Look no further than architectural window film. Homeowners may improve the energy efficiency of their home and work, minimize glare, avoid fading, and increase privacy using architectural window film. At Denver Ceramic Coatings Plus in Denver, CO, we have architectural window film of the highest quality for the ideal experience!

Definition of architectural window film

Architectural window film is a specialty film designed to enhance the performance and aesthetics of windows in homes or buildings. This thin, adhesive film is applied directly to the interior surface of the windows. It can serve various purposes, including improving energy efficiency, reducing glare, enhancing privacy, and adding decorative elements to a building’s design.

Three great advantages architectural window film brings to your Home or Office

There are many benefits of architectural window film for homeowners or commercial buildings. Here are three outstanding advantages of architectural window film that you should know.

Efficient heat rejection

Architectural window film provides an excellent solution for controlling building heat gain and loss. The film helps to block out a significant amount of the sun’s heat, reducing the need for air conditioning and lowering energy bills. It controls glare to improve visual comfort for screens and monitors.

Prevent fading

Architectural window film can also help protect interior furnishings, artwork, and other valuables from fading and damage caused by UV radiation. Our film blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, helping to preserve the color and quality of materials over time. It is essential in homes or commercial buildings with large windows or high levels of sun exposure.

Custom Look

One of the main advantages of architectural window film is its ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings. Our wide selection of shades and colors makes it easy to look your best. Additionally, architectural window film can provide privacy while maintaining natural light, which can be valuable for particular workspaces.


How long does architectural window film installation take?

Architectural window film installation projects differ. However, architectural window film may be placed in many households in one day. More extensive projects for commercial buildings can take longer. When arranging an installation appointment with one of our expert dealers, indicate any time limits.

Does architectural window film provide fading protection?

Yes. Businesses and homeowners are interested in architectural window film because it blocks 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays, a significant contributor to fading. Our architectural window film also mitigates the sun’s hot infrared (IR) rays and visible light, two additional factors that contribute to the fading of artwork, furnishings, and products.

Can architectural window film save money on my energy bill?

Architectural window tint can help you save money on your energy bill whether installed in a residential or commercial space. It reduces the heat that enters the room during the hot summer months. It also keeps the heat inside when it is cold during the winter.

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Architectural window film at Denver Ceramic Coatings Plus in Denver, CO, is the best window film for your home and commercial buildings. Our experienced team provides expert installation of high-quality window films that enhance energy, reduce fading, and add privacy. Contact us today at +1 720-237-6180 to schedule a consultation and discover how architectural window film can benefit your building!