1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent: AMERICA Without Periods

The 1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent with "AMERICA" without periods is a distinctive and historically significant coin from the early years of the United States Mint

Late 18th Century: – The 1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent was minted during the late 18th century, shortly after the establishment of the United States Mint in 1792.

Copper Coinage Act: – The Coinage Act of 1792 authorized the production of copper coins, including the Large Cent, as the United States worked to establish its own coinage system.

Flowing Hair Design: – The obverse features a depiction of Liberty with flowing hair, facing to the left. This design was created by Henry Voigt and Joseph Wright.

Reverse Design: – The reverse displays a wreath, with the words "ONE CENT" within the wreath. The central device represents a chain with 15 links, symbolizing the original 15 states in the Union.

Lettering Style: – On this specific variety, the word "AMERICA" on the reverse does not have periods after each letter. The absence of periods is a distinctive feature of this variety.

Die Varieties: – Early minting processes were not as standardized as they are today, leading to variations in die varieties. Collectors often find these distinctive features intriguing.

Low Mintage: – The 1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent had a relatively low mintage, contributing to its rarity and high collectibility.

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