1870-S Seated Liberty Silver Dollar

The 1879 Stella Gold $4 coin featuring the Coiled Hair design is a highly coveted and rare piece of American numismatic history. Here's an overview of this remarkable coin:

The Stella coinage, including the $4 gold piece, was proposed as part of an international effort to establish a universal coinage system.

The Stella was intended to facilitate international trade and was suggested by John A. Kasson, a former U.S. ambassador to Austria.

The obverse of the coin features a representation of Liberty facing left, wearing a crown inscribed with the word "LIBERTY." The hair is depicted in a coiled fashion, giving rise to the "Coiled Hair" designation.

On the reverse side, an intricate design includes a five-pointed star surrounded by the inscription "ONE STELLA 400 CENTS." The star is encircled by a wreath, and the date of mintage, "1879," is positioned below.

The Coiled Hair variety of the 1879 Stella Gold $4 coin is characterized by the distinctive hairstyle depicted on Liberty's portrait. This design variation was executed by Charles E.

Stella coins are exceedingly rare, as they were struck only in limited quantities for presentation purposes and were never circulated.

Despite the absence of an official 1870-S Seated Liberty Silver Dollar, it is interesting to note the historical context of the San Francisco Mint during this period. The San Francisco Mint played a crucial role in processing gold and silver from the California Gold Rush, contributing significantly to the nation's coinage.

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