1880 Stella Gold $4: Coiled Hair

The 1880 Stella Gold $4 Coiled Hair is a distinctive and highly collectible numismatic piece. Let's explore the details surrounding this unique coin:

19th Century Pattern Coin: – The 1880 Stella Gold $4 Coiled Hair is a pattern coin, meaning it was struck as an experimental piece to propose a new denomination.

Stella Coinage: – The Stella series was an attempt to create an international coinage system, with the $4 denomination intended for international trade.

Obverse Design: – The obverse features a Liberty head facing left, surrounded by thirteen stars representing the original colonies. Liberty's hair is coiled, distinguishing it from the Flowing Hair variety.

Reverse Design: – The reverse displays a unique and intricate design, including a five-pointed star, the denomination "FOUR DOL.," and the weight and metal composition.

Hair Style Distinction: – The Coiled Hair variety is characterized by the intricate and tightly wound hairstyle of Liberty, setting it apart from the Flowing Hair variety.

Limited Mintage: – The Coiled Hair variety has a limited mintage, contributing to its rarity and desirability among collectors.

Pattern Rarity: – Stella patterns, in general, are considered rare, and the Coiled Hair variety is particularly sought after due to its unique design and limited production.

Historical Significance: – The Stella series represents an interesting chapter in American numismatic history, showcasing efforts to create a coin suitable for international trade.

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