Avoid Banana With Milk and Other 2 Food Combinations for Healthy Digestion

In terms of nutritional absorption, some food pairings work well together. While some people are able to accomplish the exact reverse. The body can absorb iron more effectively when vitamin C is consumed alongside iron.

The majority of people start their day with milk and bananas. However, it is possible that these will not coexist well in your stomach.

 After having these two, the nutritionist said that you might encounter digestive troubles since the acid in the banana might cause the milk to curdle, which would affect your digestion and make you feel uneasy.

Fruits are healthful and nourishing. But you must drink them at the correct moment to benefit."Meals take longer to digest, while fruits digest quickly. The result? A stomach traffic congestion causes bloating and gas.

Fish and curd may not go well. Fish and curd are high in protein and can strain your digestive tract.

The dietician says this combination can worsen skin and allergy concerns.

"The different digestion speeds of fish and curd can also throw your stomach off balance, leading to some post-meal discomfort," said.

Since everyone's body and digestive system are different, listen to your body and comprehend dietary effects.

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