Bride of Nevada Senate candidate shows GOP candidates' abortion dilemma (Part-2)

Brown claims on his website to be “personally pro-life” and will confirm judges “who understand the importance of protecting life.” Oppose late-term abortions, federal funding, and abortions without parental consent.Brown's team denied an Associated Press interview, saying the NBC interview was painful for him and his wife. Like Amy years ago, he would not say what he would advise women in Texas, where abortion is illegal.

He said Amy's tough choice and his near-death from an Afghan roadside bomb affected him. Before meeting in a San Antonio hospital where she was an Army dietitian. Despite our darkest periods, Amy and I found brightness in each other. Christ, prayer, and each other provided us strength and new views, he said. I always maintained this matter should be settled by the state, and Nevadans did.”

Rebecca Gill, an associate professor of political science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, said Brown's pivot sounded like a politician “fishing out some ideas, and seeing if there's anything that doesn't cost them votes.”

Gill said, “It definitely gives you the impression that they have some empathy about this situation and that they don't want to substitute their beliefs about this for the judgment of the pregnant person. “But they're willing to let others judge pregnant women with their beliefs.”

Lindsey Harmon, a Rosen-endorsed Planned Parenthood Nevada spokesman, hoped Brown would break his resistance to a national ban. She added “we were called hysterical” while warning the Supreme Court about overturning Roe v. Wade during Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing.

Republicans said Amy Brown's story touched them and hoped it started a tough conversation.Carson City Republican Assemblywoman Danielle Gallant avoids sharing her unplanned 2020 pregnancy and near-fatal home delivery miscarriage with coworkers. She believes “pro-choice” and “pro-life” don't reflect her abortion beliefs. She dislikes Republican men who describe abortion clients “just using it as birth control” and Democrats who reject mother-fetus bond.

Gallant was delighted Amy Brown revealed her experience and that Sam Brown's support for a nationwide abortion ban connects him with most Nevada Republican women who are in the middle on abortion but don't speak up.

Gallant, who voted with her party against expanding Nevada's abortion laws, hopes the Browns' announcement neutralizes the issue in his Rosen overthrow attempt.“There is no home for where I stand on abortion, politically,” she said. I was tested individually. My belief was tested and maintained. I don't think I should help them pick

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