Drinking soft drinks can harm your bones in several ways.

Soft drinks are popular across all ages but have several downsides. Sweetened, they can cause obesity and diabetes. Drinking these acids can destroy tooth enamel and create dental difficulties.

Caffeine and artificial additives disrupt sleep and induce undesirable behavior. However, another threat lurks.

Nutritionists highly advise against carbonated soft drinks in Instagram Stories. Phosphoric acid is in these drinks.

Hypocalcaemia results from a phosphorus-calcium imbalance that leaches calcium from bones and other organs. Avoid fizzy drinks for health.

Magnesium builds bones by contributing to them.PotassiumIt controls bodily acid-base and kidney calcium homeostasis, reducing bone loss.

 Vitamin C, found in many fruits and vegetables, decreases oxidative stress and protects bones.

During growth, phosphorus is needed for bone development. Malnutrition lowers serum phosphate, increasing fracture and osteoporosis risk.

 Leafy greens include Vitamin K, which carboxylates bone proteins to strengthen bones. Zinc is in over 200 enzymes and needed for collagen and bone mineralization.

 DNA production requires vitamin B12, which may trigger bone-building osteoblasts. Its metabolism is similar to folate and vitamin B6.

 Protein improves bone health by increasing calcium absorption, IGF-1 release, and lean body mass.

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