Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $99 Million USD: 9 More worth over $499,999 Gems

In the field of numismatics, the shockwaves that have been sent through the collecting world have been caused by the discovery of a rare bicentennial quarter that is valued at about $99 million USD.

Dime and a half In heaven: the 1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar, a rarity that cannot be compared to anything else Copper Charm: There are quarters with peculiarities, such as the 2004 Wisconsin Extra Leaf High Quarter, which has a little flaw but a significant value.

On the other hand, remember that this is just the top of the iceberg! As we reveal nine more exceptional diamonds, each of which has a worth that is more than $499,999, we invite you to accompany us on an exciting trip.

With a rarity that is comparable to that of its bicentennial counterpart, this dime demands a value that is more than $500,000 USD, making it an essential treasure for collectors who are serious about their hobby.

To take a trip back in time, the Liberty Head Nickel from 1913 is a piece of numismatic history that is considered to be legendary.

The 1933 Double Eagle is an item that must be included on any list of numismatic treasures in order to be considered comprehensive.

Despite the fact that it is not a quarter, this gold coin is a masterpiece. It has been sold at auctions for more than seven million dollars, making it one of the most sought-after coins in the world.

Due to the fact that there are only 15 known copies of this silver dollar, its value might vary anywhere from $2 million to $7 million USD, taking into consideration its condition and its origin.

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