Republicans won Trump-losing states in 2020. Weak or withheld endorsements (Part-2)

Kemp, like Trump, is passionate about immigration, especially since Laken Riley, a nursing student, was killed in Athens, Georgia, forcing authorities to arrest a Venezuelan immigrant.

Kemp said this week that Biden should not use his State of the Union to remind voters that Senate Republicans blocked a border security deal. “The president had control of the House and Senate from 2020 to 2022 and did nothing about the border, and we were complaining just as much then as we are now.

Kemp said Republicans “don’t need to be looking in the rearview mirror” or “complaining about the 2020 election” despite Trump’s claims that his loss was rigged. He rarely mentions Trump when giving counsel. Kemp's rejection of Trump's pressure to reverse Biden's Georgia triumph, for which the former president is indicted in Fulton County for racketeering, has soured their relationship.

“We got to give people a reason to vote for us, not just be against the other candidate,” Kemp added. Kemp switched to the opposition when asked why he would back Trump after how hard the former president lambasted him after 2020. “Well, I think he’d be better than Joe Biden,” Kemp remarked. As easy as that.”

Youngkin complimented more. Youngkin endorsed Trump, saying “it's time to unite around strong leadership and policies that grow our great nation, not four more years of President Biden.” He applauded Trump's tax, immigration, and economic record.

Youngkin's political action committee made the case in a written statement posted on social media, not during a voter event or governor question session. Republican opponents of Trump may have to appease his most passionate supporters in a future presidential primary, regardless of November's outcome.

In the northern suburbs of Atlanta, 87-year-old Rose McDonald voted Tuesday for Trump, saying “there were things that happened that we know weren’t right with all those mail votes.” Federal and state investigations found no mail-in ballot tampering that might have swung the race.

“I’m mostly satisfied with Kemp,” she remarked. “Mostly—I still think he was a chicken in 2020 for not letting Trump challenge the election.” Kemp believes his political organization, even if it only runs legislative races, will demonstrate his party allegiance.

Kemp said, “My belief is if we do that well as Republicans and tell people what we’re for and stay focused on the future, we’ll have a great night, and that’ll be all the way up and down the ticket.”

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