Robert F. Kennedy Jr. may run with Aaron Rodgers or Jesse Ventura in 2024.

As the announcement of his independent presidential candidacy draws near, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is in the process of talking to potential vice presidential candidates.

Among Kennedy's most esteemed figures, as reported by The New York Times, are former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura and NFL star Aaron Rodgers. A spokeswoman for the campaign, Stefanie Spear, verified the story in the Times and stated that Kennedy is considering other candidates.

Kennedy, who hails from a powerful political family in the country, has been concentrating on gaining entry to the ballot, a laborious and costly procedure that he claims will necessitate gathering over one million signatures in a state-by-state endeavor.

There was an early push for Kennedy to choose a running mate because many states need independent candidates to do so before they may seek ballot access. In most cases, major party candidates wait until almost the summer conventions to announce their vice presidential picks.

A prominent player in the movement that challenges the scientific consensus surrounding vaccines, Kennedy is both an environmental activist and a lawyer. in addition to being an outspoken opponent of the public health system.

Last year, he shifted his campaign focus from being a Democrat to an independent one, which alarmed Trump and Biden supporters who were afraid he would attract voters who would have backed one of their respective candidates.

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, a former Green Bay Packers, shares Kennedy's skepticism of vaccine mandates and is a regular on anti-establishment podcasts.

Former professional wrestler Ventura startled many in 1998 when he won the independent candidacy for governor of Minnesota.

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