The Electrified Sport 2025 Lexus

Once Lexus unveils its new all-electric supercar—the name of which is still up in the air—it will serve as a direct descendant of the illustrious LFA. Just in case you forgot: The LFA coupe had a 553 horsepower V-10 and was mostly constructed of carbon fiber composite. 

An unusual internal combustion engine is obviously out of the question for the electric supercar. Powerful electric motors, on the other hand, will be responsible for its extraordinary performance.

Lexus claims the successor to the LFA can accelerate to 60 mph in under 2 seconds, however the business has been tight-lipped about other features. 

The electric supercar from Lexus is believed to have a range of 430 miles, thanks to its solid-state battery housed inside its stylish bodywork that resembles a cross between a Toyota Supra and a McLaren 720S. This theory provides a solid foundation for anticipation.

Lexus has shown an all-electric supercar concept, an ideal flagship for its electrified performance cars, as the company moves towards a future where its lineup is exclusively electric automobiles.

Lexus has been referring to it as the "Electrified Sport" for the time being, even though it has not been formally titled.

We anticipate that the base price of the 2025 Lexus EV Supercar will be approximately $100,000.

This EV Motor, Power, and Performance report will be updated as more details become available. Features: Battery, Charging, Range Comfort, cargo, and real-world MPGe. Fun and Connectivity. Safety and Driver Assistance. Warranty and Maintenance

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