Trump White House staffer Peter Navarro asks Supreme Court to avoid contempt.

WASHINGTON — Peter Navarro, an official in the Trump White House, filed a petition with the Supreme Court on Friday, requesting that he be granted permission to remain out of prison while he appeals his conviction for contempt of Congress.

Following the decision of an appeals court that his appeal would not likely overturn his conviction for refusing to participate with a congressional investigation into the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, Navarro is scheduled to report to a federal prison, which is scheduled to take place the following week.

Navarro has stated that he was unable to comply with the committee due to the fact that former President Donald Trump had declared executive privilege. 

Due to the fact that he failed to provide evidence that Trump had actually cited the argument, the United States District Judge Amit Mehta, who was chosen by President Barack Obama, did not allow him to present the argument during the trial.

At the same time that the Supreme Court is getting ready to hear arguments on whether or not President Trump is protected from allegations charging that he interfered in the 2020 election, the emergency application is being submitted.

As the second Trump adviser to be found guilty of misdemeanor contempt of Congress, Navarro was the second to be found guilty. A previous sentence of four months was handed down to former White House adviser Steve Bannon; but, he was granted permission to remain free pending his appeal by United States District Judge Carl Nichols, who was chosen by President Trump.

Navarro was found guilty of disobeying a subpoena for papers and a deposition from the House committee on January 6 and was sentenced to four months in prison as a result of his actions. 

Later on, he advocated the Republican's bogus claims of widespread voting fraud in the 2020 election, which he ultimately lost to the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. He had previously served as a trade adviser in the White House under the administration of then-President Donald Trump.

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